Saving a kitten from fleas. Kitten looking for home / SANI vlog

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    This story is about the rescue of a ginger kitten who was literally eaten by fleas. This video was filmed in order to find a reliable owner for the baby among the viewers of our channel. We cannot take everyone home, but we can find another home.
    Midsummer 2021. My mother and her nephew bring a little ginger kitten from a walk and say: "Here, we need to find a home for him." When we started to wash him, we found a huge number of fleas in his fur. The fleas were both huge and nimble and small. The kitten was covered in fleas, which caused red water to flow from it. We washed off most of the fleas with a stream of water, and the rest were taken out by hand and lowered into a bucket of hot water. Since the kitten was still very small and emaciated, we decided not to poison him with fleas, but to spend time and grab all the pests with our hands. There were so many fleas that this procedure continued until late in the evening ...
    Be sure to watch this video to the end and do whatever I ask. The fate of the mushroom will depend on this!
    ● The kitten is in Belarus, the city of Bobruisk (by the way, beautiful). We are ready to personally deliver the cat to your home anywhere in Belarus. We will also try to bring a kitten to the nearest cities of neighboring countries. You have a magnet. Kidding)
    ● If you live outside the Republic of Belarus and are ready to come to us yourself, please mark it in the message. By the way, traveling is useful and interesting)
    ● Tell us in detail about yourself and why you should get this baby. It will be easier for us to identify and choose from hundreds of those who wish that very kind and responsible owner - you. All links to contact us are listed below.
    ● IMPORTANT! We will not give the cat to persons under the age of majority. If you are under 18, but your family does not mind adopting a cat, please ask your parents to contact us. I recommend starting with the words: "I love you so much ..." :)
    ● IMPORTANT! In order not to clog the dialogues and not to waste our and your time, HUGE PLEASE write only on the question "I WILL TAKE A RED KITTEN". And only if you are 100% sure that you are ready to pick up the mushroom. Well, why not?)
    The kitten is approximately 3 months old at the time of uploading this video. Cleared of worms and parasites. The cat has no fleas and ticks. Very affectionate, very tame and incredibly beautiful. Friendly and very playful. Sleeps in bed with us. I do not smoke. He loves affection very much and always purrs loudly :)
    Most likely the kitten will be shorthaired. He has an unusual soft peach coat color. And the kitten has a leopard color. Why waste money on thoroughbreds? Look what beauty is absolutely free! It is VERY beautiful, and with age it becomes even more beautiful! Give him love, affection and care, and he will adore you for the rest of his life.
    We feed the cat with cat food: 3-5 packs per day + dry food. The name of the cat was not given. Let the future owner do this too :)
    We are looking for an adult, reliable person who treats the animal as part of his family, and not as a temporary toy! If this person is you, or you know such a person, please let us know.
    As soon as we find a new home for the cat, a video will be released on this channel in which we will tell and show everything. Do not forget to check if you are subscribed to our channel and if you have pressed the bell for notifications of new videos.
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    Hello everyone. My name is Sasha. We pick up stray animals from the street and use this channel to find a new home for them. This rubric is called Animal Rescue. Our SANISHOW channel has a playlist that contains all the stories of rescuing and helping animals. We also tell interesting stories from life, shoot jokes and fail with our pets, and much more ...
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    Love and do not offend animals.
    Do good deeds!
    Republic of Belarus.




Этот парень будет счастливым ❤️

Мася. +84

Они никогда не слышали фразы «не трогай его, он блохастый!»... Ребята, они достойны внимания всех людей на нашей планете.

Inessa T +118
Inessa T

Какие же вы молодцы! Просто возвращаете веру в людей!

🌌Матвей Player21k Games🌌 +10
🌌Матвей Player21k Games🌌

Всё будет хорошо, Саня не переживай.Ребят давайте поможем Сане ведь он старается ради нас и для природы.Ролики Сани очень интересны и прямо сейчас смотрю ваши видео.Пожалуйста берегите животных и не бросайте их!🥺❤️😭

Умирхан Амина +164
Умирхан Амина

Слёзы в глазах от этих добрых людей

Светлана Ива +52
Светлана Ива

Очень знакомая картина.. Ребёнок кошачий нуждался в помощи и вы его спасли. Молодцы... Дай Бог, удачи вам и вашим Питомцам...

_~флэнчик~_ +309

Как же жалко этого милого не винного котёнка, а ведь в мире много котят которые нуждаются в помощи людей,😔🤧

Anna_love_Hoseok +17

Саня Катя какие же вы добрые❤️ продолжайте в том же духе! Мы с вами✊

Anastasia +14

В начале было очень жалко котека (((. Но досмотрев серию до конца (и посмотрев следующие випускм про этого котенка), я поняла, что с ним будет все хорошо 😌😌😌. Ви большие молодцы!!!

Mirako +23

Здоровье вам!!! За всех питомцев!!! С вашей помощью вы помогаете окружающей среде!!!!

Алина +58

Вы очень хорошие люди. Ну а люди каторым жалко клищей и блох они просто не понимают как это быть искусаным и каждую ночь не спать. Спасибо вам за то что вы вообще есть если бы не вы то пострадал бы этот парень и ваша Соня и многие другие. Вы просто очень хорошие люди, спасибо вам

Viktoria Nikolaeva +11
Viktoria Nikolaeva

Смотрю с большой радостью, зная что у этого котёнка уже есть дом)🥰


Этот парень будет счастливым)

onioff... +39

Продолжайте делать добро!!!

UwU +18

Хорошо, когда есть такие люди! ❤Молодцы!

Иван Иванов +6
Иван Иванов

Как я рада,что есть такие люди,как вы! Вы самые при самые лучшие в мире!!! Дай Бог чтоб у вас всё было хорошо! Я ЛЮБЛЮ ВАС!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍

Cool lime😎❤ +21
Cool lime😎❤

Надеюсь, о обретёт хороший дом и отличных хозяев😘🤩🥰😸❤

Lia Gorbunova +6
Lia Gorbunova

Большие молодцы 💪😀, даруй бог Вам здоровья и удачи во всём!

Марина Лобурец +340
Марина Лобурец

Какие же вы молодцы!!!


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